Mark & Chanda Harris

Mark Harris was a factory representative for a major manufacturer, operated a trucking company, flipped houses in real estate and had a full-time cattle and horse operation. To say he was engaged in a whirlwind of activity is an understatement. Plus, he also coached one of his children’s baseball teams. As busy as he was, why did Mark add Kynect to the mix? Subtraction by addition. 

“I wanted to go from a sixteen-hour day down to an eight-hour day,” he says. 

Before long, he did. “With Kynect, I don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time,” Mark says. “I no longer do work as a manufacturing rep, in trucking or flipping houses. But we keep the livestock. And, of course, we have time for our children and grandchild.” 

Chanda, who works as a hospice nurse, adds, “I still work my job because it is important to me, not because I have to. Kynect gives us time for what’s important.”

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