Craig & Christy Claybourn

Craig and Christy Claybourn had a decent living. What they didn’t have was much of a life. She worked seven days at their convenience stores and he worked at those too – after his full day with an airline. But with college tuition bills looming ahead for their five children, Kynect just made sense for the Claybourns. 

“We really didn’t want our children to be loaded with crushing debt upon graduation,” says Christy. 

What began as a way to provide tuition relief has since transformed the Claybourns’ lives. 

“I left my job behind less than a year and a half after starting Kynect, and we now can afford to have employees at the convenience stores,” Craig says. 

The Claybourns don’t just see Kynect transforming their own lives, but those of loved ones too. 

“We have friends and relatives we don’t want to see merely trading hours for dollars,” Christy says. “Life is too short for that!”

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