Cathy & Guy Mordecai

Cathy has been an ordained minister serving local churches as a Senior Pastor for 17 years. Up until she took a personal leave of absence, this rewarding job required her to be on call 24/7. As a result, she missed many of her children's activities, was unable to attend family events around the holidays, and almost always had to leave vacations early.

Cathy joined Stream because she saw it as a service to her local congregation. During the summer months, the congregation paid the electric bills for members who were elderly and on a fixed income. With the help of Stream, their bills were lowered and the congregation could afford to help even more people with their electric bills.

Guy, Cathy's husband wasn't totally onboard with joining Stream in the beginning. He worked full-time during the day and crafted branding irons during his evenings. However, he quickly saw the potential with Stream and realized the residual income would help him retire early. And that it did! After 36 years with a major aircraft manufacturer, Stream allowed Guy to retire 10 years early!

Today, Cathy and Guy see Stream as a way to help people generate income and save money on essential services, and be in ministry with people they would have never met.

Stream has allowed Cathy and Guy to start dreaming again, but more importantly it has given them an avenue to realize those dreams. They now have the freedom to care for their aging fathers, see their grandchildren, go hunting and fishing at their ranch, and travel whenever they choose. Their long-term goal is to empower as many people as possible so they too may realize their dreams!

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