Chad Williams & Inge Saenz

Plano, TX

Given her success with Kynect, one would hardly guess Inge Saenz is actually shy. 

“Yes, I get really nervous around new people,” she says. What pushed Inge past her shyness? “I realized how many people needed the opportunity, so I was determined to share it with them,” she says. 

In fact, it wasn’t long ago that Inge was one of those in such need. She was working on a Master’s degree in Psychology and needed an income that wouldn’t consume all of her time. 

“My dad helped me a lot during my undergraduate years,” she says. “But once I entered graduate school, I knew he needed to focus on my younger siblings.” 

So Inge applied herself to Kynect with a student’s dedication and became an Executive Director within a year, all the while continuing her studies. As is if that wasn’t impressive enough, Inge is the youngest person to ever reach Executive Director status at Kynect. 

“I wasn’t going to let shyness stand in my way,” she says.

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