Destiny Curlee

Destiny Curlee was a college football player on an up-and-coming team. Unsurprisingly, he had the NFL gleam in his eye. Just before his tryout, however, Destiny took the biggest hit of his career – not in a game, but in a car accident. 

“My dreams were shattered,” Destiny says. 

About that same time, Destiny had a daughter and a renewed sense of purpose. 

“The purpose that drives me involves bequeathing a legacy to a new generation,” he says. “I knew with Kynect I could do that.” 

He also knew he could help others in the process. 

“My goal is to help dozens of families down to the road to financial freedom,” Destiny says. “This business enables one to empower others. And, like football, it is a team activity. Teamwork makes the dream work!” 

Destiny has a strong personal faith that propels him past obstacles. 

“I understood I could fulfill my dreams even after my accident and Kynect has provided the best vehicle for that,” he says. “I didn’t quite make it to the NFL, but becoming an Executive Director in Kynect demonstrated that I was still a major player, albeit in a different game. The rewards are definitely here for me and my family.”

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