Enrique Alatrista

Before joining Kynect, Georgia native Enrique Alatrista built a very successful, two-decade real estate career. But eventually, he realized he needed to find his Plan B. “Every time I sell a house, I’m unemployed until I sell the next one,” he explained. Soon after, he was shown the Kynect business plan, and he didn’t hesitate to run with it. His backup plan paid off, resulting in much success and recognition. In 2018, Enrique was honored as a Power of Leadership recipient. And today, he’s leading the charge in our Spanish-speaking markets, creating more leaders on his team who can help him change lives for the better.

As with any business, results may vary. In 2017, the average associate earned $178.07 while Engaged associates earned $1,139. To learn more about “average” versus “engaged” Associates, please visit www.wekynect.com/IncomeDisclosure.

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